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"Heungsoo yah, you’re well, right?"

Today is Park Heungsoo’s birthday (April 12th), so there has been a lot of adorable School 2013 things everywhere. This is from KWB DC Gallery. (There is such a nice background music on the page so I urge everyone to click that link and visit.)

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Woob and dinosaur dolls.. haha~

That hair that jawline those eyebrows that face what are other boys even

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someone give Kim Soo Hyun a handshake

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zico knows hyuna and hyorin and jaejoong and heechul and junhyung and jay park and basically every major player you should know to skyrocket yourself in the kpop world and he can easily go big on his own but he STILL holds on to block b because he’d rather never go to the top then go to the top without them and that’s what it means to be a good fucking friend and an even better fucking leader

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"Hmm...hello? What happened today?" | Honey-G's "You Fool" MV

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